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World Lending Services is a lead generation company, focusing on producing commercial mortgage leads. Leads are generated on client websites, which are then given to a commercial mortgage loan officer to contact and process a potential commercial mortgage loan.

World Lending Services is not a bank, is not a lender, and is not a funder of any loans. World Lending Services is a lead origination company.

World Lending Services has no unresolved complaints of any fashion with any of its customers. It is a family owned organization with emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.

To learn more about this highly reputable company, policies, and practices, please visit our corporate website at

Why commercial mortgages? The residential industry is extremely depressed right now in light of the foreclosure crisis facing the nation. Commercial mortgages are more likely to process for our loan officers as the leads typically are from people with good credit scores, they have business plans in place, and typically the leads have the necessary 5 to 10% down payment necessary to process the loan. You don't see this with residential leads in 2008.

World Lending Services also will assist the new business owner with filing articles of organization for a new company, assisting in obtaining tax payer ein numbers, help draft operating agreements for the business, and most importantly, organize and develop a detailed business plan for any new ventures.

To learn more about the commercial mortgage industry, please visit the following links:

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Hilversum, North Holland, Netherlands #40509

Michael is with World Lending Services, a commercial mortgage lead generation company. “World Lending Services is not a lender, broker, or financer. We produce leads…commercial leads,” explains Michael.

“There are good Micro loans a prospective borrower can look into,” explains Michael, a commercial loan officer.

Microlenders are located in most cities around the United States. You can start by contacting your local economic development agency which is usually connected to your state and local government. The U.S. Small Business Administration can also be a good source to use in locating a microlender.

“You need to gather your collateral,” points out Michael.

The microlender establishes its own lending criteria. Some may require collateral but not likely. A credit report is pulled on the small business owner; however, it is not the only requirement when considering approval. Bad credit business owners are often approved with a solid business plan and some business training.

“You’re nowhere without a business plan. Lenders won’t take you seriously or even look at what you are trying to do without a professional business plan,” Michael goes on to say.

If you do not already have a business plan, the microlender will usually provide small business training and technical assistance to the borrower and help you prepare a business plan. Small business owners may be required to complete a series of training...

“Clean up your credit. Try to get your mid score above a 680.” Michael seriously advises all his clients to correct any errors on their credit report before attempting to get a loan.

While micro loans are not solely dependent upon your credit history, you may want to make sure your credit report looks as good as possible. Correcting errors and inaccurate information before you submit your application can save time during the approval process. Micro loans are often approved regardless of past credit problems if you can prove those problems have been resolved.

“Each loan has different application requirements, for God’s sake comply to those requirements in order not to waste your time and have your application kicked out,” warns Michael.

Microloans are available for start-up businesses, home-based businesses, existing and growing businesses. You will need to complete the application, attach your business plan and give authorization for your credit report to be retrieved.

“Finally, shop around and contact several brokers who specialize in commercial mortgages,” exhorts Michael.

Small business owners should apply for a microloan in their community. The difficulty with microloans is that a microlender may not be available in all communities. If this is the case for you, research your State and local government agencies as an alternative as some offer small business loans similar to the microloan program. One nationwide microlender with an online application is For a state by state listing of other Microlenders visit the


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Hilversum, North Holland, Netherlands #40506

“We are in some serious financial crises’ on Wall Street,” exclaimed The President, of World Lending Services.

“We’ve seen this before…In 1929 and in 1987…but all estimates have this a worst outcome that the past, “exclaimed The President.

Although World Lending Services is a lead origination company, and not a lender, the financial crises’ has an impact on The President business nonetheless.

Street Crash, stock market crash in the United States in 1929. In 1927, after having focused on investing abroad and with the US economy growing stronger, the financiers based in New York's Wall Street turned their attention to their home market. As they bought into the stock market, so the prices of securities rose. As they bought more and more, prices went higher and higher, and ordinary investors were attracted to invest by the apparently effortless boom that was created. By the middle of 1929 it was estimated that about nine million Americans (out of a population of 122 million) had capital invested in the stock market. Many invested all their savings, encouraged by incompetent or dishonest advisers. Companies were set up with misleading or even fraudulent prospectuses and, such was the faith in the market's ability to deliver extravagant returns, their shares were quickly snapped up. In March 1929 Herbert Hoover was inaugurated as president, and his predecessor Calvin Coolidge ventured the opinion that share prices were low. But some...

“I was a George Bush supporter, but now I feel shammed! George Bush will go down as the worst president in American history,” a somber The President concludes.

In time, some of the professionals decided that there might be more money to be made by switching from being a market bull to a market bear and selling short. The selling of shares gathered momentum. On October 23 more than six million shares were traded at ever decreasing prices. On the following day, “Black Thursday”, more than twice that number were traded. On Monday nine million shares changed hands; $14 billion had been wiped off the value of shares in less than a week. Then, on “Black Tuesday”, everything fell apart; the share price of many big companies including General Electric and Woolworth collapsed. In that one day more than 16 million shares were traded and another $10 billion was wiped off share values. What happened on Wall Street was mirrored on other stock exchanges in the United States from Chicago to San Francisco.

It was a stark end to a decade that had been marked by optimism, high employment, and prosperity. Not surprisingly, confidence in banks and bankers, the stock market and stockbrokers evaporated. Bankruptcies and destitution were rife. Mortgage foreclosures increased. The middle classes retrenched. Many lost their jobs; unemployment rose by nearly two million within half a year. Although when it began some thought it was merely a welcome correction in the market, the crash marked the start of the worldwide Great Depression and created the conditions for the New Deal introduced by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933.

“What we need is real leadership coming out of Washington…and I’m not seeing that leadership with either of the presidential candidates. I’m very worried,” The President shares about the current financial crises.

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Hilversum, North Holland, Netherlands #33719

See what I mean...bizarre!

Hilversum, North Holland, Netherlands #33051

Bizarre Smear Campaign by disgruntled former employees.

The above agencies have already been contacted concerning the false reports these terminated employees have been filing. All these agencies have been made aware of the smear campaign and any false reports with these agencies will be igonored.

Thanks for the heads up on your unsuccessfull smear campaign guys.

On August 29, 2007, I terminated two employees after learning they had embezzled funds from my company, Gregory William Lake and Sheryl Luana French. A complaint for theft and embezzlement was filed with the Surprise, AZ, police department (Complaint NO. 07086593) and for check fraud with the El Mirage Police department (Complaint NO. 07-171615).

As retaliation for these complaints, Sheryl French and Greg Lake began a smear campaign against my business and my children that has devastated my family. They have gone on internet blogs,,, and, filed bogus reports claiming to be customers of mine, and have attempted to tie me as the owner companies I've never owned.

Sheryl French is under investigation for social security fraud for operating a business called SLM Marketing, receiving embezzled funds in an account at Sun Bank in El Mirage, AZ, while receiving cash benefits through Social Security and the Department of Economic Security, through the State of Arizona.

Greg Lake has a felony record in the States of...

The smear campaign not only involves impersonating former customers and recording bogus complaints, but also blogging that I am a registered sex offender, molested children, an ex convict, and run a child internet *** ring. All are untrue and reflect the personalities and true character of these depraved individuals.

Sheryl Luana French SSN: 512848569, DOB 04/07/76, AZDL D00027894

Gregory William Lake: SSN 222522418, DOB 9/19/68, AZDL D04392614

Furthermore, Sheryl French is a SMI patient through Magellan of Arizona. She has received cash benefits through social security disability and through the arizona department of economic security. She set up a company in 2007 called "SLM Marketing" which is registered with the AZ Secretary of State's office. Sheryl French opened bank accounts at Sun Bank in El Mirage, Arizona. This dummie company Greg Lake and Sheryl French opened was used to funnel embezzled funds from my company, which I filed police reports in Surprise, AZ (Complaint NO. 07086593) and in El Mirage, AZ (Case NO. 07-171615). These people have been receiving thousands of dollars in unreported funds, while collecting entitlements through social security and the department of economic security in AZ. Sheryl French (ssn 512848569, dob 04/07/76, azdl D00027894) Greg Lake (ssn 222522418, dob 9/19/68, azdl D04392614).

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Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #33045

If you have been victimized or contacted by World Lending Services or any of its affiliates listed below:

1.Smart Lending Solutions

2.Direct Wholesale Solutions

3.Global Net Warehouse

4.Mortgage Consulting Solutions

5.Web Cash Advantage

Please notify the following agencies:

Federal Trade Commission

Consumer Response Center

600 Pennsylvania,Avenue,NW

Washington,D.C. 20580


Det. John E. Lewis F.B.I

White Collar Crime Department

201 E. Indianola

Phoenix,Az 85012

(602) 279-5511

Andrew Thomas,County Attorney

301 W. Jefferson,Suite.800

Phoenix,AZ 85003

(602) 725-0420

Terry Goddard,Attorney General

1275 W. Washington St.

Phoenix,Az 85007

(602) 542-5263

Thank you for your cooperation.

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