Warning! Michael Bacolas and Cristopher Bacolas of Arizona are running a new scam called World Lending Services.These two trashy individuals are up to what they do best,ripping hard working Americans off.

The internet is littered with illegal mortgage and internet business scams from these two losers.Here is just a short list of some of their worst.

scam#1. Smart Lending Solutionsscam#2. Global Net Warehousescam#3. Mortgage Consulting Solutionsscam#4. Direct Wholesale Solutionsscam#5. Webcash Advantage

If you have been contacted or ripped off, contact:

Federal Trade CommissionConsumer Response Center600 Pennsylvania,Avenue,NWWashington,D.C. 205801-877-382-4357

Det. John E. Lewis F.B.IWhite Collar Crime Department201 E. IndianolaPhoenix,Az 85012(602) 279-5511

Terry Goddard,Attorney General1275 W. Washington St.Phoenix,AZ 85007(602) 542-5263

Andrew Thomas,County Attorney301 W. Jefferson,Suite.800Phoenix, Az 85003(602) 725-0420

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michael and greg are *** *** ***!!!everything will catch up to you both ***!

Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #33493

Sad to say butfraud and *** artists are still part of our lives.Instead of earning money with some honest to earn a living *** artists like Michael A. Bacolas choose to enrich themselves by cheating unsuspecting


The above are the ramblings of a thief who got exposed.The whole this

is a "smear campain" is merely a deflection maneuver to distract from the multiple illicit operations run by this deeply distubed individual. It seems Michael is under a lot of anxiety as he doesn't want to face prison.Michael is desperate and will go to no end to run from his consequences,which includes delusional rants about supposed "smear campaigns" by

"Sonny & Cher", "Greg & Sheryle",

"Batman & Robin","Bert & Ernie".What depths will Michael's dementia bring him?

According to The Judicial Branch of Arizona,Maricopa County.Michael Allen Bacolas[DOB 1/20/1965] has quite the record for a supposed decent business man he poses as.

As recently as August 21,2008 Michael and his convicted felon wife Twalla Robertson were taken to court by the Key Management Company for Forcible Detainer.Other court cases include the state of Arizona vs. Michael A. Bacolas case#CR2005-108042.On 2/15/2006 a Probation Violation Bench Warrant was issued

and on 9/27/2006.Why is this businessman shoplifting?Why is he shoplifting at 36 years of age?Is it because he is a thief? Other cases against this incorrigible individual.


CASE# 0707CV-0209486

CASE# 0707CV-9608672

CASE# 0707CV-9800601

CASE# 0707CV-9800602








Give Dave Cherry of Channel 12 News in Phoenix a call.On April 5th 2007 he did an expose on another scam of Michael's called Global Net Warehouese.Dave Cherry can be reached at (602) 260-1212.

Talk to some people that have actually been ripped off by Michael's fraudulent companies.

Jerome (408) 828-0240

Vita (702) 327-1256

Jay (919) 971-3967

Martressa (678) 887-9871

Rose (307) 864-9214

Isaac (602) 266-1056

Jeffrey(503) 656-0904

Kathy (850) 668-8905

Consumers should be aware,well informed,on a watchout and smart enough to avoid scams happening to them.Consumers should not be naive--as a Chinese proverb states"The only free cheese is in the mouse trap."

I expect further rantings and ravings on this report as Michael Bacolas lacks any formal education or cultured upbringing.Antisocial personality disorders tend to act in such ways when confronted and exposed for prosecution.

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Hilversum, North Holland, Netherlands #32924

On August 29, 2007, I terminated two employees after learning they had embezzled funds from my company, Gregory William Lake and Sheryl Luana French. A complaint for theft and embezzlement was filed with the Surprise, AZ, police department (Complaint NO. 07086593) and for check fraud with the El Mirage Police department (Complaint NO. 07-171615).

As retaliation for these complaints, Sheryl French and Greg Lake began a smear campaign against my business and my children that has devastated my family. They have gone on internet blogs, www.ripoffreport.com, www.pissedconsumer.com, and www.topix.com, filed bogus reports claiming to be customers of mine, and have attempted to tie me as the owner companies I've never owned.

Sheryl French is under investigation for social security fraud for operating a business called SLM Marketing, receiving embezzled funds in an account at Sun Bank in El Mirage, AZ, while receiving cash benefits through Social Security and the Department of Economic Security, through the State of Arizona.

Greg Lake has a felony record in the States of New York and Deleware for crimes against law enforcement officers. Sheryl French has a felony record for check fraud in Kansas.

The smear campaign not only involves impersonating former customers and recording bogus complaints, but also blogging that I am a registered sex offender, molested children, an ex convict, and run a child internet *** ring. All are untrue and reflect the...

Sheryl Luana French SSN: 512848569, DOB 04/07/76, AZDL D00027894

Gregory William Lake: SSN 222522418, DOB 9/19/68, AZDL D04392614

Furthermore, Sheryl French is a SMI patient through Magellan of Arizona. She has received cash benefits through social security disability and through the arizona department of economic security. She set up a company in 2007 called "SLM Marketing" which is registered with the AZ Secretary of State's office. Sheryl French opened bank accounts at Sun Bank in El Mirage, Arizona. This dummie company Greg Lake and Sheryl French opened was used to funnel embezzled funds from my company, which I filed police reports in Surprise, AZ (Complaint NO. 07086593) and in El Mirage, AZ (Case NO. 07-171615). These people have been receiving thousands of dollars in unreported funds, while collecting entitlements through social security and the department of economic security in AZ. Sheryl French (ssn 512848569, dob 04/07/76, azdl D00027894) Greg Lake (ssn 222522418, dob 9/19/68, azdl D04392614).

Obviously, these internet blogs are a forum for freaks, flakes, and morons.

I hope you find humor in this blogs as much as I do.


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